shopping process

1.Select your favorite products ➡ Add to the shopping cart ➡ Fill in the shipping information (the company number must be filled in with a uniform number, open the invoice) ➡ Complete the shopping ➡ remittance designated account or ATM transfer (remittance amount is coffee bean fee + total cost) 5% business tax)

2. Remind you that the item inventory function is not retained until the item is added to the shopping cart but has not been settled. The item inventory allocation will be based on the checkout order.

3. After the order is established, the order can no longer be "modified", "added", "merged", "use discounts and other services". Therefore, before the checkout, please be sure to reconfirm the product content, size specifications, quantity, checkout amount and delivery information.

4. The company's small profits but quick turnover, all goods are not free of charge, all shipping charges.

5. After the order is completed, the system will send an “Order Notification Letter” to your email address, which will include your order number and order information for your inquiry. If you do not receive the "Order Notification Letter", you can log in to the website and go to the "Order" to check the order content and processing progress.

6. If you have any order problems, please contact us via the order message below the order.

contact method


2. Company Phone: 07-2151838

3. Customer Service Hotline: 09056669681

4. LINE: Please use the phone to search 09056678681


Product shopping brief

1. The spot goods are sold in existing stocks, and the specifications and sizes are based on actual stocks.

2. The introduction of coffee brewed beans is provided by the cup tester. It belongs to the individual senses. The coffee beans are all good quality beans. Whether to screen the beans is judged by the buyer.

3. The goods sold are foods. According to food hygiene, in addition to the problems of coffee quality, such as mold, smell, etc., the company does not accept return service (the final interpretation right belongs to our company). After the successful remittance is made, the working day will be shipped in order of 1-2 days. Please wait patiently.


Product purchase

1. We provide the latest, high quality, multi-dimensional and the lowest quality coffee beans. After selecting the products you like, be sure to confirm the product number, weight, contact information, and confirm the most suitable for your shopping cart.

2. If the ordered item is out of stock or cannot be shipped, we will notify you by email. The buyer can choose to cancel the item that is out of stock, or wait patiently, we will still arrange the shipment for you.

3. After confirmation, it takes 1-2 working days to package the product, and the shipment will be arranged as soon as possible according to the order of the order. Please wait patiently.


Delivery Method

At present, the delivery method we provide is “home delivery to the government”, and the postal address cannot be used for the home delivery address. Items cannot be cancelled after they have been shipped.


payment method

We provide "Bank Transfer" or "ATM Transfer"

Bank remittance: After the remittance is successful, the remittance will be sent to the customer service. We will arrange the shipment after confirmation.

Please let us know after the remittance is successful and we will prepare the shipment for you immediately.If you have any questions about the products you received, please contact us by email or LINE.


ATM transfer: account number is as follows

Taipei Fubon Bank (012) Gangdu Branch

Total branch code 012-6605

Account number: 660102019962

Account Name: Boutique Coffee World Co., Ltd.

Commodity inspection

Please check the contents of the product immediately after receiving the product. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately.


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