Guatemalan Coffee

Although this country is not big, it has the most diverse weather in the world. Soil, rainfall, humidity, altitude and temperature changes are sufficient to produce seven different types of Guatemalan Arabica coffee.


Antigua is an internationally renowned high quality coffee. This area is located between three volcanoes in a valley and the climate is perfect for growing coffee. The soil is young and best for coffee. The wet and dry season is defined as uniform maturity. The temperature range is 19-22 ° C (66.2-71.6 ° F) and the altitude is between 4600 and 5600 feet. The annual rainfall is between 800-1200 mm and the humidity is constant at 65%. Guatemalan Antigua Coffee is described as having a full and velvety body, rich and lively aroma, and good acidity. Bourbon, Katla and Kathu coffee beans are grown in this area and harvested from January to mid-March each year.

Fraijanes plateau

The Fraijanes area is located north of the mountain Amatitlan near the Ermita Valley, where Guatemala City is located. The soil is a volcano with high potassium levels placing the body on the cup. The most recent volcanic activity from Volcan de Pacaya has stored mineral-rich ash in the area. Coffee is grown at a height between 4000 and 5,000 feet and a medium temperature at 22C (71.6°F). The relative humidity of these peaks is 60% and the annual rainfall is 1500 mm. The combination of these factors gives the strict Guatemalan coffee beans (the highest rating in Guatemala), similar to the real Guatemalan Antigua coffee. These coffees are described as having a soft aroma, whole body and pronounced acidity.


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