Coffee Cupping is a way for professional baristas to taste coffee beans. Just like red wine, baristas need to judge the taste of coffee from aroma, acidity, and aftertaste. Good or bad is the necessary process for making fine coffee.

The first step: making coffee

First of all, the water should be boiled, and there are certain requirements for the water quality, which can increase the aroma of the coffee. Grinded coffee beans are particularly expensive and fragile, so when pouring hot water, wrap it in a rounded form instead of injecting a lot of water directly. This way the air can enter the coffee and the taste is more uniform.

Step 2: Go to coffee fat

After pouring hot water, let the coffee settle for about 10 minutes, so that the coffee precipitate will stay directly at the bottom, and the grease (Crema) will float on the water. Use two tablespoons to remove the grease layer of the coffee to leave a clean, clear coffee.

The third step: smell

Then, first smell the coffee and feel the aroma of coffee. Liao Weifen said: "The first step to knowing good coffee is to pass your nose."

Step 4: suck

After smelling, you need to suck coffee. This requires some skill. The air collides with the coffee during the sucking process, and the taste is the most fragrant. At this time, you need to pay attention to the purest taste of the coffee, and the interaction between this taste and your taste and smell. And whether it has a clean taste and balanced characteristics. A cup of good coffee, everyone has their own definition: "Before the older generation liked the heavy coffee, do not like too acidic; but now people like a clean taste. Different regions also have different coffee culture, such as Vietnamese people like to join condensed milk, etc. So there is no fixed definition of a good cup of coffee."

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