Coffee bean grading

According to the food hygiene and safety regulations, food should not be touched by hand, especially the roasted coffee beans, which must be automatically selected by the machine. Grading can separate good beans and bad beans and broken beans, so that the size and quality of the coffee beans are consistent. The size and density of the beans are consistent to help the baking, so that the baking performance is consistent in color and quality).

Each country has its own individual grading or screening criteria. Some countries screen or categorize according to size. Some focus on the origin of coffee, while others categorize the number of short beans (cod beans) in the whole batch of beans. Regardless of the method, there are always a lot of clues about understanding coffee beans.

The grading methods generally include the Brazil/New York method, the SCAA Green Coffee Classification, the Indian Standard, The Kenyan Standard, and other methods.

Here we introduce the Brazilian/New York law:

The Brazil/ New York method

Calculate the number of cowpeas in a 350 gram sample. The algorithm for a cowpea is as follows: If there is more than one item in the bean, only the most serious one is counted, and five of the beans are counted as one. If the coffee beans are broken (five broken beans are a cockroach) and black beans (a cockroach) are considered a cockroach. The Brazilian Act stipulates that at most 1% is irrelevant.

Fine coffee beans divide the cowpea into two levels during screening:

First level:

Black beans (necrotic beans), insect bites fermented beans, moldy beans, immature beans (green), floating beans, etc. There should be no one when the raw bean is selected for 350 grams.

second level:

There are only 1 to 5 cowpeas, about 1%


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